Logistical Services



Order processing

 GXS/OpenText Catalog
 UPC Codes
 Fully EDI compliant for purchase orders, advance ship notices, and invoices, etc.
 Daily shipping: we strive to ship all orders within 4 business hours
 Prompt invoicing and collections for single items or prepacks
 Packing slip and bill of lading preparation for transportation of goods

Importation of product containers from India and China

 Facilities are C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terror-ism) compliant for streamlined importation of goods
 Product inspection and Prop 65 testing prior to shipping
 Price negotiation on your behalf

Inventory management by in-house IT Department

 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to manage inventory, sales, and vendors
 Real-time inventory reporting with Microsoft Dynamics-GP
 Monthly complete physical inventory
 Email hosting with Microsoft Exchange


 Monthly sales reports and financial statements
 Payroll, commissions, invoicing, and benefits processed in-house
 Certified Public Accountant on staff


 Professional photo shoots for products
 Lookbook production to showcase products to buyers
 Line Sheets prepared for quick, easy access to product information
 Social media management team (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Infrastructure for meetings and conferences

 Video conference capabilities
 On-site showroom and conference rooms available