Bold, sexy and awe inspiring- we present the exclusive Luichiny® footwear collection.

For the trendsetting fashionista, Luichiny® offers unique heels, materials, ornaments and a look that always singles you out from the crowd. Luichiny® Shoes cater to the fast-paced, ever changing lifestyles of the women who wear them.

Our designers travel throughout the U.S. as well as, Europe, South America and Asia to uncover the latest fashion trends. We are always testing new styles in upscale boutiques in around the globe to find the hottest, freshest footwear fashion for you. Visit our product showroom and retail store in St. Louis.

Purchased by Demand Shoes, LLC in December of 2005, Luichiny® Shoes began distribution in April of 2006. Now showcased in the better shops in the U.S, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Finland, the Luichiny® brand continues to grow-styled with on trend heels, leathers, patterns and textiles. Luichiny® is global: American Glamour + London’s Latest + Italian Inspiration.

Luichiny®, Bold, Sexy and Inspiring… From Our Heart to Your Sole™

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