Sourcing Services



Research and development

 Extensive shopping of US and European markets by team members to conduct market research
 Designers use information gathered to create innovative, fashion-forward products

Large- and small-scale production

 Production capabilities for both large-scale, high-volume orders and smaller-scale, boutique orders
 Worldwide production offices primarily in Asia, as well as Europe and South America
 Expertise in producing leather and man-made products
 Associated with the best factories in each production market

Sourcing and production cost control

 We understand the importance of maintaining the highest quality for the best value possible
 Ability to leverage our purchasing volume to obtain the best cost
 Able to pool our placements to gain stronger position with factories

Private label production

 Experience building private label products for large US and interna-tional wholesale and retail clients
 Capable of developing exclusive proprietary products for our clients
 In-house sketch and graphic artists for samples, packaging, and marketing materials

Quality assurance and customer service

 All team members learn and understand each client’s requirements and communicate them to our foreign offices.
 Attention to detail and translation of customer orders into a common platform to communicate to our foreign offices and factories.
 Sketch artist on staff uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create